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NFL Almuni David Caldwell kicks off a My Very Own Library event in Newark, New Jersey. 

Our program is quickly expanding to serve more under resourced schools nationwide. Whether you are interested in donating time or providing financial assistance, any type of support makes an impact in the life of a child for years to come. Your support can put books in the hands of children, create strong support networks, and provide resources to parents and teachers to ensure academic success.

At My Very Own Library we are grateful to all of our corporate and network partners, as well as our individual donors and volunteers. Particularly now, with the impact of COVID-19, schools are in desperate need of resources. With school and local libraries closed, many families lack access to free reading materials or the technology to access electronic books for their children. Now more than ever, we need your help to make sure our students do not fall behind during this period. 

Corporate Sponsorship

If your company is interested in supporting My Very Own Library locally or nationally, we can create a sponsorship program designed specifically for your business. Whether you are interested in fundraising, an annual donation, volunteering, or a combination of the three, we can work with you or your marketing team to determine what type of sponsorship meets your company’s needs.

If your company is interested in joining My Very Own Library’s family of corporate sponsors, please reach out via the contact form.

Network Partnership

As many public schools lack the manpower and infrastructure to support a program like My Very Own Library, Network Partners are critical members of our family who administer the program on a local level and serve as ambassadors for the program. Network Partners assist local schools with organizing book fairs in the fall and spring, supporting community engagement activities, and fundraising on a local level. 

If you are a nonprofit or school district interested in joining the My Very Own Library family, please fill out our contact form to receive more information.


If one book can alter the course of a child’s life, so can one person. If you are interested in donating to My Very Own Library, please check out our Donate page. Even a small one time contribution of $50 can provide a year’s worth of books and materials to a student in one of our schools. 

If you would like to volunteer with My Very Own Library or make a more local impact, please choose a state or country from the list below to be directed to your area’s Network Partner. You can also contact us via our contact form.

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Current My Very Own Library Corporate Partners

Current My Very Own Library Network Partners